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Get your slang game on fleek with these Gen-Z slang words

Emojis are fun, but just when you think you’ve seen them all, an update brings a bunch more. Here are all the best new emojis that came along with iOS 16.4.

Feeling a bit confused with all the new Gen Z slang? The words young people throw around don’t always make sense. But don’t worry! I’m here to help you get on fleek with the lingo. (This will make sense to you in a moment). 

Trust me. You’re not alone

Gen Z speaks a whole new language, all thanks to social media and texting. It’s an excellent way to show the world that they’re up to date on the latest lingo and as a bonus, they use it to confuse the older generations. Not anymore!

Let me get you in the know and up to speed with all the cool kids:

  • Lit“: No, it’s not like lighting a candle. It’s more like when someone is having a good time. “That party was so lit!”
  • Fire“: Similar to “lit,” but you could argue that fire is a more powerful statement. “This music is fire!”
  • Trill“: is a combination of “true” and “real.” If you’re being an awesome friend, you’re “trill.”
  • Stan“: Not just a name anymore! If you stan something or someone, it means you’re a true fan.
  • On fleek“: To look sharp, stylish or on point. “My summer wardrobe is on fleek.” It could also be used to show that you’re on top of things.
  • Slay“: means you’re killing it. Like, “You aced that presentation! Slay all day!” 
  • Ship“: Short for “relationship.” When fans create fictional relationships for their favorite characters or celebrities, that’s called “shipping.”
  • Extra“: Over the top, unnecessarily dramatic. “The bride was so extra — she arrived at her wedding in a horse-drawn carriage.”
  • Chasing clout“: “Clout” is the lifeblood of social media influencers. When all they care about are likes and followers, they’re “chasing clout.”
  • Weird flex, but OK“: There’s nothing new about flexing your muscles to show off. But when you show off something unusual that shouldn’t be bragged about, that’s a “weird flex.” Let’s say someone tweets they can eat an entire package of Oreo cookies in one sitting. Your response? “Weird flex, but OK.”
  • Glow-up“: Upgrading your appearance and style. It could also refer to positive lifestyle changes, but you’ll usually see it referring to looks. “Did you see Maria’s big glow-up at the party last night?”
  • Lowkey“: Slight, restrained, moderate, modest — these can all be used to define lowkey. “I lowkey enjoy talking over texting.”
  • No cap“: No lie, for real. “No cap, I think I just saw a ghost!”
  • TFW“: Short for “That feeling when.” Describes a good or bad feeling that anyone can relate to. “TFW you get home from work, kick off your shoes and remember it’s Friday.” Nice.
  • Sus“: Short for “suspicious.” It can be used to describe a person or situation. “That guy at the end of the bar is a bit sus.”

I hope that clears things up. Slang words are one thing, but what about emojis? Those can get embarrassing really fast. 

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