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Geek thing: You can get a degree online to build self-driving cars in 4 months

Have you thought about going back to school to get a degree or maybe another degree? Maybe you’re wanting additional skills to help you in your current job. You might even be looking for a career change.

Half the challenge, sometimes, is in deciding what to major in. There are two degrees now being offered that you can get in just four months! And I’m sure it’s something you haven’t thought about.

“Nanodegrees” are now being offered by online education provider Udacity, owned by Google X and Kitty Hawk founder Sebastian Thrun. One of them is on building self-driving cars in just four months! 

Self-driving cars degree

Registration for the next driverless course just opened last week. However, Udacity’s first self-driving car nanodegree was offered last year for $2,400.

As you can imagine, it became Udacity’s most popular nanodegree. More than 10,000 students from 50 countries enrolled. Companies such as BMW, Lockheed Martin and Bosch hired 60 graduates.

The goal of this introductory course is to, hopefully, get students interested in taking more advanced classes.

Flying cars degree

The other nanodegree is on how to build a flying car. Enrollment in these tutorials opens next year.

During the course, students learn the basics of autonomous flight. That includes motion planning, vehicle state planning and estimation. More complex topics are then introduced such as deploying code to drones.

Students will also learn about the challenges of reliable and safe autonomous flight and gain an understanding of the big picture of flying cars as they pertain to the air transportation system.

The pre-requisite for each course includes algebra and some programming experience.

Thrun said the goal of the program is to teach the necessary skills to a new generation of engineers. They’ll learn the software skills needed to build a smart transportation future.

His goal is for Kitty Hawk to have the first flying vehicle ready by February 2018.

Despite all of this hype, Thrun said the idea of flying cars is “completely crazy.”

Click here if you’re interested in enrolling in the introductory program for self-driving cars. For the flying car nanodegree program, click here to sign up for updates to find out when enrollment opens.

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