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Fun: The first animal you see reveals a lot about you

Have you ever heard of the “Rorschach” test? It’s a method of psychological evaluation where you look at a series of images or ink blots. Psychologists use the test to try and determine certain personality traits of their patients.

Now, there’s an easier way. There’s an image circulating across the internet that can teach you a lot about your personality. Share this with your friends to see how accurate it really is, you might be shocked at the results.

What does this image say about you?

Everyone has a unique personality full of traits acquired over a lifetime. Typically, there is one primary trait that truly describes who you are as an individual.

This trait determines how you react to certain situations and what kind of person you really are. Psychologists say that your personality plays a large role in how you see things. It’s thought to be uncontrollable and buried deep within the mind.

Look at the following image and take note of the very first animal that you see. It reveals a lot about who you are.

Well, what did you see first? Go to the next page to find out what this test reveals about your personality. Don’t forget to click the share button on the left side of this article to post on Facebook and share it with friends and family.


If the first animal you saw in the picture was a stallion, it means you are very ambitious. You are driven to succeed but also have a wild side that can’t be tamed.


If you immediately saw a rooster, your primary characteristic is perseverance. Roosters are fierce animals and like them, you may look harmless but definitely have the ability to fight back when in a pinch.


Crabs are known for being hard on the outside and soft from within. If you saw the crab first, you share this quality. It also means that you are a very loyal person and always put the needs of loved ones ahead of your own.

Praying Mantis

If you saw the praying mantis first, you have extremely strong instincts. You are guided by your inner voice and are really in touch with your primal self.


Wolves are known for living with packs but they are also lonely creatures, fearless and fierce. If you saw the wolf first, you too are fearless with a fierce inner self. Your personality will stand out when you’re in a crowd and you are built to handle lonely situations well.


If the dog was the first animal you saw, you are loyal, brave, protective and truly selfless. Your personality is rare with a combination of incredible traits and you are loved by everyone who truly knows you.


If the eagle was the first thing you saw, you are focused and totally driven toward your goals. You never waiver when making decisions and always get what you want.


If you spotted the butterfly first, being flexible is your most dominant trait. You can adapt to any situation and change yourself based on whatever needs to be accomplished.


Seeing the dove first means that you are a wise soul. You are most likely calm, patient, nurturing and at peace with yourself. This is one of the most difficult traits to attain. You will always be a symbol of hope for someone in your life.

Click here to see more detailed personality descriptions. What do you think, did this test accurately describe who you are? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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