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FREE livestream of outer space you don’t want to miss

We’re exactly two weeks away from the August 21 solar eclipse! Make sure you know where to get free eclipse glasses (and also where NOT to buy them). If you can’t watch the eclipse outside then you can livestream this amazing celestial event.

But you don’t have to wait two weeks to start watching awesome livestreams of space! Slooh, the first live-viewing telescope online service, just made their service free!

Starting today, anyone can view a livestream of comets, asteroids, eclipses and other events in our universe at no cost. Slooh has seven robotic telescopes located in the Canary Islands and three located in Chile. They also have a partnership with 25 other observatories to provide streams from those telescopes as well.

Psst: Not sure where to livestream the eclipse? Click here for the best livestreams!

Slooh isn’t just a place to watch the sky; it turns online stargazing into a social experience. Every livestream is like a virtual viewing party where experts and members of the Slooh community chat with one another. There are also discussion boards full of topics from Black Holes to astronomy gear.

It used to cost $4.95 per month just to have access to the telescopes. Although viewing is now free, there are subscription plans that allow you to control the movements of a telescope. For $4.95 a month you can request up to five 5-10 minute reservations to point the telescope any place in the sky. For $24.95 per month, you can make an unlimited amount of reservations. Both price points allow you to take an unlimited amount of photos of the sky.

Slooh is having a special event for the August 21 solar eclipse. They are heading to Stanley, Idaho, which is located along the path of totality. (Click here to see the eclipse’s path). They will be hosting a three-day festival leading up to the event and everyone can view the event online for free.

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