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Fisherman’s freaky catch is becoming an internet sensation

If there is one thing everyone on the internet can generally agree on it’s that you can find anything on the internet. Really, any question you may have has an answer, so long as you know where to find it.

But every now and then something comes along that has everybody stumped, and when it happens, it’s a newsworthy event. Such is the case with a fish that was found in South Carolina.

While it’s understandable that there may be some fish in the deeper ocean depths that we have never seen before, for the most part, most can be identified pretty easily. But this one, with one defining, disturbing characteristic, had people stumped.

Maybe you recognize it?

The fish came to the internet’s attention when the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources asked its social media followers to help ID it. The fish quickly gained popularity because of its teeth.

All fish have teeth, but this one’s looked…umm…human. Yeah, they look like bigger versions of our chompers. It’s weird.

We weren’t joking. Also, are we the only ones wondering what the fish would look like if it smiled? Yes? That’s fine.

As you can see in the post, they were asking the internet to let them know what kind of fish it actually is. Turns out it is not some mutant or hybrid.

No, this fish is a sheepshead — named because its teeth resemble a sheep’s — and is actually pretty common to find off the U.S.’s east coast. It is known for its rows of teeth, with the ones up front having human-like qualities. It has five to seven vertical black stripes and is apparently pretty tasty to eat.

But be warned, this fish packs quite a bite

Not that any of us actually want to get bit by a fish, but when it comes to the sheepshead, know that if it happens you are going to feel it. Their anterior teeth are similar to incisors, with the posterior molars set farther back.

Its teeth are all there because of the fish’s vast diet. It will eat clams, oysters and other bivalves, along with barnacles, fiddler crabs and similar crustaceans. When the fish gets larger, it will also dine on tougher prey like barnacles and oysters.

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