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9 hidden images
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Test your eyes: Can you find the 9 hidden images in less than a minute?

Problem-solving is one of the most basic ways people demonstrate intelligence. Many people think that fixing problems faster than others makes them more intelligent — but rushing can lead to oversights. That’s why we’re encouraging you to take a deep breath and challenge yourself to try to find the hidden images in this viral optical illusion.

If you’re a veteran puzzle lover, you probably like to make brainteasers more difficult by solving them in a short period. Here’s a challenge for the masters: Find the nine hidden pictures in less than 30 seconds. If you can conquer this test, you’re ready to take on our homemade word scrambles that only tech geniuses can beat.

But not everything is a race, so people who are newer to optical illusions might need more time to beat this visual quiz. Don’t feel bad if it takes you longer to find the hidden pictures. Just keep your eyes peeled and get ready to train your brain.

If you can’t find the hidden images, we’ll share the answer key below

One of the best places to find free optical illusions is on the New York Post‘s website. When we saw this black and white picture puzzle, we tried to find the secret items. As you can imagine, the Komando team members who could find the hidden images in less than 10 seconds earned a few brownie points.

We’re speaking metaphorically, by the way. Although we have a candy bowl in the office, we don’t have a brownie bowl. Then again, never say never!

Give it a try and see if you can find all nine hidden objects within the image. This is one of those free visual tests that looks easy at first glance. In practice, though, it might take a while to beat this brain game!

If you use a time limit, it won't be easy to find the hidden images in this viral optical illusion. There are eight hidden pictures in this image. Can you find them?
Tap or click the picture above for a larger image you can zoom in on.

If you could find the hidden objects in 10 seconds, you have a lightning-quick wit. Actually, even if you could find them in 30 seconds, we’re impressed. But of course, no matter how long it took, you should still be proud of yourself for beating this viral brain game.

Are you looking for a tougher challenge? We’ve got you covered.

Try to find the curved line in this optical illusion. Trust us, it will be more complicated than you think!

If you couldn’t find the hidden objects, here are the solutions

Some of these images were surprisingly hard to find. Look at the answer key below to find out what you were missing. To help you spot the secret pictures, we colored in the nine hidden images within the picture.

Find the hidden images and spot the secret objects in this viral optical illusion brain teaser for adults with an answer key. Test your eyes!

As you can tell, there were a ton of objects that might seem invisible to the naked eye:

  1. Crocodile.
  2. Candle.
  3. Umbrella.
  4. Book.
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Leaf.
  7. Upside-down pear.
  8. Heart.
  9. Pumpkin pie slice.

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