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Disney World reopens and you have to see its creepy welcome back video

In Florida, COVID-19 cases continue to surge: over 15,000 new cases were reported Sunday, a single-day record, and 12,000 more cases were reported Monday, bringing the state’s total to over 282,000 cases. Amidst all this, Disney World has reopened this past Saturday.

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Following the announcement and a rather eerie ad released in advance of the park’s opening, Disney has been met with criticism for such an early reopening, though the company has also detailed exactly what safety measures have been taken. Read on to see the video the internet’s been having a field day with as well as what precautions have been taken at Disney World.

Disney’s creepy advertisement and controversy

The one-minute video shows various mask-clad staff members as they presumably ready the park for reopening with new COVID-related safety measures.

The ad has been criticized for seeming eerie and dystopian, particularly the images of smiling, mask-clad, socially-distanced workers staring into the camera. Some have criticized Disney’s commitment to face masks, as multiple employees in the video can be seen without masks.

Generally, though, the controversy is largely focused on Disney’s choice to reopen the park now. Disney World announced its closure on March 15th, when there were only about 3,000 recorded Coronavirus cases in the U.S., and reopened on July 12th, when the confirmed case count is 3.37 million and climbing.

In short, while not particularly scandalous to hear about one of many reopenings across the country, the response to the video can be summed up by its top comment on YouTube, “This is going to age like milk.”

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Disney World’s COVID-19 safety measures

In the video, various sanitation measures taken by staff were shown, like mask-wearing, cleaning of outdoor locations, and end-of-day cleanings. Disney has gone on to outline its entire health and safety policy on its website.

Here are the key precautions being taken:

  • Cast Members to receive ongoing, regular training regarding best practices.
  • Robust cleaning schedules targeted at high-traffic areas.
  • Easy access given to hand sanitizer and handwashing stations.
  • Rapid responses planned for any and all situations that may arise.
  • Nightly cleaning of restrooms, kitchens, and other facilities.
  • Regular cleanings and “washing down” of outdoor locations, which includes walkways and queue areas.

Disney goes on to note it has prepared first-aid centers to help with minor health issues, and Cast Members have access to free vaccinations as well as various wellness clinics and pharmacies. Largely, these precautions are common-sense, but some online continue to speculate if these measures are nearly enough to justify reopening.

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