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Huge meteor caught on dash cam in Texas

Do you ever find yourself gazing into the night sky, looking at all the marvelous constellations? Sometimes it feels like there are millions of possibilities out there beyond our reach.

If you’re watching at just the right moment, you might get a glimpse at something spectacular. One of these moments went down earlier this week. Luckily for us, a driver caught all the action on her dash cam.

Watch this amazing video of a huge meteor flying through the sky

What we’re talking about is a massive meteor that was seen blazing through the sky in Texas. In fact, it was so huge that people were able to spot it from as far away as Colorado.

Texas Police Officer Tiffany Vanzant was able to capture the shooting star with her dash cam. Watch the stunning clip below:

The meteor was so large that it also created a sonic boom, which is very rare. Scientists say only around 1 percent of meteors result in a sonic boom. It was so loud that many people called 911 emergency services to report an explosion.

Another driver, Lauren Modery, posted on Twitter that she thought it was an airplane falling from the sky.

We’re so glad this event was captured on tape so that everyone could see it, but we also want to point out that this isn’t the only reason to have a dash cam in your vehicle. They are also great resources for documenting everything happening around you. If you get into an accident or are a victim of road rage, a dash cam will let the facts speak for themselves.

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