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Can you spot the risky sunbather?

Temperatures are rising. Soon the beaches will be full of surfers, sunbathers, runners, and several other people seeking fun in the sun. All of the people in the brainteaser below look like they know how to enjoy summer!

But one person in the photo isn’t ready for things to heat up. He or she isn’t protecting himself or herself from the sun’s rays. Can you find the sunseeker who is putting their health at risk?

Did you notice that the boy in the blue inner tube is the only person not wearing sunglasses?

May is Healthy Vision Month. Focus Clinics, a laser eye surgery clinic in London, created this brainteaser to encourage people to wear sunglasses. When we think about sun safety, applying sunscreen or sunblock tends to come to mind. You may not realize it, but protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays is just as important.

Another way to protect yourself from UV rays is to monitor them. A free app called UVLens shows you the UV index so that you are aware of the safest times to go outside. Click here to find out more and to download this helpful app.

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