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Can you solve this tricky math puzzler?

What do bananas, clocks and polygons have in common? Well, nothing other than the fact that they all appear in this math puzzle. Do you think you can solve it?

Before you give it a shot, I must warn you: This is hands down the trickiest math equation puzzle I’ve ever seen! You must pay very close attention to all of the details. Good luck!

The answer is 38!

I told you this was tough! You have to notice the details of each symbol in order to get the correct answer.

  • If there are three polygons in the first equation and the sum is 45, each polygon must equal 15. However, the sum of the sides of each shape that make up the polygon also equals 15. (hexagon’s 6 sides + pentagon’s 5 sides + square’s 4 sides = 15) Therefore, the polygon in the last equation must equal 11 because there’s no square inside it.
  • Based on the answer to the first equation, we know that each banana bunch in the second equation must equal 4. Each bunch also has 4 bananas in it. The bunches in the last equation only have 3 bananas each so those bunches must equal 3.
  • Based on the answer to the second equation, we know that each clock in the third equation must equal 3. The clocks in this equation show a time of 3 o’clock. But the clock in the last equation shows a time of 2 o’clock. Therefore the clock in the last equation equals 2.

You can get this far and still get the answer wrong if you don’t remember the order of operations! You must multiply 3 by 11 before you add!

Did this one stump you? I noticed the bananas but not the clock. And the polygon left me clueless!

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