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Can you solve this new roulette puzzle?

Are you the gambling type and do you have a keen eye for detail? Then this tricky image that’s puzzling the internet will give your eyes and your brain a hefty spin.

The image shows dozens of regular roulette wheels and one of them is slightly different.

All of the wheels have the traditional green zero pockets…except one.

The difference? It has a black zero pocket instead.

Here’s a little background if you’re not familiar with roulette rules. A player usually bets that the roulette ball will land on either a red or black pocket. Since the odds are so low, when the ball lands on a green zero (or the additional green double zero), chances are the house always wins.

According to Gregory Tatton-Brown of, the company that created the puzzle:

“The sound of a ball bouncing over a roulette table is one of the most exciting in the world. As it pings around, you can never be sure where it’s going to land – but usually, if it lands on the green zero, it’s not good news.

“In our puzzle, one of the wheels is missing its green landing pad, with the 0 being black instead – but it’s not easy to see which one at first glance. Roulette is a game of luck not skill, but this puzzle will definitely test your talent for spotting something amiss.”

So do you want to take your chances and spot the black zero pocket roulette wheel?

Nice try but here’s where the black zero pocket is hiding. Better luck next time?

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