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Christmas tree ornament red background

Can you find Santa in this holiday brain teaser?

Happy Monday! We’re just over a week away from Christmas, so it’s down to the wire as we make final preparations for get-togethers and shop for those last-minute gifts.

But let’s put all of the planning aside for a moment. Instead, how about a fun holiday puzzle?

This brainteaser features a Christmas market with dozens of characters dressed in red and white, but can you find Santa Claus in the crowd? Take a look at the image below! (Try zooming in by clicking Shift and the + sign, or try clicking Shift and scrolling your mouse wheel.)

Try to find Santa in the crowd

Find Santa Claus in the crowd

Did you find him? If this puzzle has you stumped, check out the next page to reveal Santa’s location…

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If you had trouble finding Santa in the crowd, then take a look at the image below.

Santa brainteaser solution

*The puzzle was devised by Newcastle-based leading ferry operator, DFDS, which offers trips between Newcastle and Amsterdam, and Dover and Calais to the Christmas markets in Europe. App background

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