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Brainteaser: Can you spot what’s wrong with this desk?

This vintage desk is a blast from the past! It was probably commonplace in most offices during the 1960s but now you’d have to go to a museum or watch an old movie to see something like this.

Think of it this way: every item on that desk can fit inside a smartphone! But there’s something about this desk or an item on it that isn’t quite right. Can you figure out what’s missing or incorrect?

(If you’re reading this on the app, click here to see the photo)

(If you’re reading this on the app, click here to see the photo)

“Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31…” Did you forget about that rhyme or did you quickly spot the incorrect calendar? It was so obvious and in plain sight but still really easy to miss.

P.S. There may not be a June 31, but June 21 just passed and it marks the official start of summer. Click here for our list of the best tech and gadgets for your summer fun.

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