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Brainteaser: Can you spot the fish in the sea?

Dudolf has done it again! He’s the artist behind this viral snowman/panda brainteaser that was shared all over Facebook. He also created this fun hamster/potato brainteaser.

This time around, his brainteaser is a picture of the ocean floor. Did you know that coral is actually an animal, not a plant? It’s just one of the colorful sea creatures featured in Dudolf’s latest creation.

Octopi, sea snails, clams, and seahorses are everywhere but there aren’t too many fish. In fact, there’s only one little fishy among the rest of these ocean-dwellers. It’s hiding somewhere. Can you find it?

Where you able to find the fish? There’s so much going on that it can be hard to spot it.

It was right in between the rocks on the right! I bet it only took you a few seconds to find the lone fish.

Be sure to follow Dudolf on Facebook to see more of his brainteasers!

P.S. Do you know someone who loves to go fishing? is a great resource for everything about fishing and boating.

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