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Planning to fly in 2019? Check out the best times to book flights

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a great time to get away. Whether you’re looking to lounge around on a tropical beach, or hit the slopes for a skiing adventure, there’s always a destination somewhere in the world that has what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, traveling to exoctic locations like this can be extremely expensive. Especially if you don’t know some insider tips that will help save a few bucks.

Don’t worry, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Keep reading and we’ll tell you when it’s the best time of the year to book a flight.

The best times to book flights

Hopper Research just released its 2019 travel cheat sheet, and it’s a wealth of information to get the lowest prices on airfares. January typically has some of the lowest prices of the year, but you can still get affordable tickets during busy travel times if you book far enough in advance.

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Check out Hopper’s recommendations for when to book your 2019 holiday flights with the graphic below:

2019 Hopper Research Travel Cheat Sheet

Hopper’s recommendations reflect the U.S. average price for a round-trip domestic flight. As you can see, depending on how far out you book, you can get airfare on either side of the $300-mark, with of course the highest ticket prices coming at the end of year.

But the average flight price around Thanksgiving and Christmas looks to be very reasonable, considering what those prices normally look like as we get closer to the holidays. So get online, find your favorite travel booking site and start comparing. With these prices, you can avoid buyer’s remorse altogether.

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