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Bizarre and wacky Japanese inventions you have to see to believe

What’s your favorite Japanese invention? Did you take your Walkman with you everywhere? Was your pocket calculator your go-to device? Maybe you include emojis in all your digital messages.

We can also thank the Japanese for CDs, DVDs, rice cookers, LED lights, and so much more. But for every Japanese invention we appreciate, there’s probably a wacky creation that solves a problem you didn’t know you had.

Check out this list of crazy Japenese inventions. Some of them will make you laugh while others will leave you scratching your head. Or just maybe you’ll find yourself wondering where you can buy one for yourself!

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Not your average umbrella

Regular umbrellas keep the rain off your face but they may not shield your cute outfit or designer shoes. The red umbrella has a head-to-toe plastic covering that keeps your whole body dry.

The umbrella in the top right doesn’t look like it will keep you dry at all! But if you’ve ever wanted to collect rain water then this gadget makes it a piece of cake. The rain funnels down through a tube right into a purse-like tank.

The tie in the bottom right isn’t just a fashion statement, it really expands into an actual umbrella! Just make sure you let it dry completely before you put it back on.

2-in-1 Clothing

Forget reversible jackets; true versatility is when your clothes can serve more than one purpose! The tie in the top left has multiple slots on its underside for your credit cards, ID, and other small items. It’s like wearing your wallet around your neck!

Did the bathroom run out of paper towels again? Don’t worry, just use your pants to dry your hands! The slacks in the top right corner have cloth towels on the rear pockets.

Put your little bundle of joy to work with the mop onesie. Your baby spends so much time crawling around on the floor anyway, he or she might as well be useful while they’re down there!

Get comfy anywhere

If you get tired while you’re on the go then these inventions are just what you need. The woman in the photo on the left may not be able to rest her feet but she can still catch some shut eye. She’s using a portable headstand to get some rest during her commute.

The man in the top right photo can literally take a nap anywhere! Instead of hopping around in your sleeping bag to get from place to place, get one like this that allows you to walk.

Using your laptop in bed can be so comfortable that it puts you to sleep. But sitting at a desk isn’t comfortable enough. The pillow in the bottom right photo is just right. It props you up so that you can relax while getting your work done.

Make eating easier

These gadgets solve all those minor problems that make eating your food slightly less enjoyable. Why blow on your food when you can let a fan do the blowing for you? Get the chopsticks with the fan attachment and your food will be cooler in no time.

Have you ever had food bits or sauces splash in your hair as you’re trying to eat? The woman in the top right photo is sporting a noodle eater hair guard to protect her hair from flying food.

I’m sure you’ve seen a cheese grater before but what about the butter grater in the bottom left photo? Hard butter can be difficult to spread so this gadget grinds it up to make it easier.

If you prefer electronic toothbrushes to the old-fashioned manual ones then maybe you’ll like the device in the bottom right photo. It’s a spinning fork that winds noodles onto the prongs.

Be more efficient

I saved the best for last! Can you guess what these last three inventions do just by looking at the photo?

No time to dry your hair in the morning? Do it on the way to work! In the photo on the left, the woman is wearing a hair dryer that is powered by her footsteps.

If you struggle with getting eye drops to actually land inside your eye then the device in the top right photo might help you out. Just lean back and squirt the drops into the little funnel.

Who says only dogs can go for walks? If you want your pet fish to see the outside world then use this mobile fish tank to get it from place to place.

Which invention do you think is the craziest? Are there any that you would actually buy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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