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Artist uses MS Paint to illustrate his eBook with amazing results

Long before Photoshop, there was Microsoft’s Paintbrush. This simple application has allowed us to doodle stick figures on Windows computers since the first version of the operating system from 1985.

It’s now called Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) and despite all the other applications that have come along, one author is still using it! He’s been working with only MS Paint for over 10 years.

For over a decade, Pat Hines has mastered the application. People all over the internet are impressed with the pictures from the eBook he wrote and self-published. It’s called “Camp Redblood and The Essential Revenge” and it’s about teenagers at a summer camp in the 1980s.

Hines said he wasn’t very good with Photoshop or other programs so he decided to work exclusively with Microsoft Paint.

“I honed my craft working long overnights at a hospital reception desk,” said Hines.

He described the story as one that includes “all elements of summer camp lore, from the knife-wielding maniacs and monsters of 1980’s slasher films to the raucous comedies of the same era.”

Summary from

“Steve Clarkson thought being a counselor at Camp Redblood would be easy. That was before his young campers were viciously pranked by Camp Eagle, the local ‘supercamp’ hell-bent on putting Redblood out of business. Now Steve must team up with a misfit Scout troop, led by the hot-tempered Leigh Carter, sneak into the enemy camp, and exact revenge. Standing in their way are haunted woods, treacherous trails, gruesome monsters, and an abandoned railway tunnel with an evil, blood-soaked history. Featuring an eclectic cast of awkward, inadequate heroes and psychotic, bullying villains, CAMP REDBLOOD AND THE ESSENTIAL REVENGE is a foul-mouthed summertime adventure for anyone who’s ever had an impossible score to settle.”

This special edition features eight full-color illustrations, the original Camp Redblood short story “Bombardment,” and an exclusive chapter 1 excerpt from the upcoming “CAMP REDBLOOD AND THE SUMMER OF TERROR!”

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