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Are you scared yet? Boston Dynamics’ creepy robot dogs can now open doors

Depending on your perspective, this is either really cool or kind of terrifying.

It could also be terrifyingly cool.

Because as robotic technology advances, we will continue to get machines in different shapes and sizes, with them being able to accomplish various different tasks.

In theory, robots should be helpful to people, but as pop culture has taught us, things may not quite go as planned.

Closed doors are no longer enough to stop robots

Take Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs, for example. The company that has become known for creating some advanced (and not at all creepy, nope) robots released a video of two yellow-bodied, black-legged robots that sort of resemble dogs, at least dogs that lack a tail and have no fur or floppy ears to make petting them enjoyable.

But getting past their appearance, it’s what these dogs could actually do that was most impressive (or scary, depending on your perspective).

They first casually strolled up to a door, but like most dogs were unable to grab onto the handle to open it.

This is where things got a little strange.

While the initial dog waited, seemingly destined to not make it past the door, another robot dog, this one equipped with an extendable arm and claw, walked over and took care of the problem.

That’s right, one robot dog opened a door for another — and then held it open so the first dog could pass through — before following it into the next room.

So at least these robot dogs are polite.

These are not Boston Dynamics’ first robot dogs. The yellow one is known as “Spot Mini” and at 25 kg (30 kg with the arm attachment) can quietly roam around for about 90 minutes on a full charge.

Their original robot dog, “Spot,” weighed 75 kg and lasted roughly 45 minutes on a full charge.

Not all robots open doors

Some hit the slopes. A special event dubbed the “Ski Robot Challenge” was held this week about an hour away from the official Winter Olympics. Eight robotics teams from private companies and universities competed in the event for a $10,000 prize. Click here to learn more and watch the video.

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