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Are you fluent in emoji? Take this test and find out

From yellow smiley faces to a symbol for everything, emojis have come quite a long way. The iOS 10.2 update included over 100 new emojis; according to Emojipedia, there are over 1,800. I personally use the “tears of joy” and the red heart the most.

Most people use them as a cute way to express thoughts with pictures. But one company sees them as more than that. To them, they are modern day hieroglyphics that need decoding.

Today Translations, an international translations service, wants to hire an Emoji Translator/Specialist. They describe emojis as the world’s fastest-growing language. The job post says that emoji translation is an emerging field saturated by software that doesn’t understand cultural nuances.

The company employs over 3,000 linguists for work on over 200 languages. If emojis are catching on the way they claim, it does make sense to hire and emoji linguist. But how do you find one?

Today Translations created an Emoji Translation Test. I thought it would be easy but I couldn’t even begin to guess most of the answers.

It starts with an emoji to English section.


Then there is an English to emoji section.


Finally, there’s are some opened ended questions.


Do you think you’d pass the test? Click here to see it for yourself and test your emoji aptitude.

We also have our own emoji test, but it’s just for fun! (We’re not looking to hire an Emoji Translator/Specialist).

Also, make sure you read our list of secret “sexting” codes that kids are using. There are a few emojis at the bottom of the list that are frequently used to symbolize sexual acts.

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