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Seniors can get a $49 Apple Watch 5 – see if you qualify

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches you can buy today. But there’s just one little problem with it: It’s expensive enough to be out of reach for many people.

Though you can buy older models for a discounted price, you’re still looking at upwards of $200. Meanwhile, many of Apple’s competitors like Fitbit offer similar features for a much lower price. Tap or click here to read more about Fitbit’s range of fitness trackers.

If you really want an Apple Watch, you’ll have to pay for it. That is, unless you’re over 65 and interested in participating in a health study. Apple has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to offer an Apple Watch discount of just $49. Here’s how you can qualify.

Be a guinea pig, get a cheap Apple Watch

As part of its focus on health products, Apple is conducting a study on whether Apple Watches can detect irregular heart rhythms early to reduce the likelihood of a stroke. It’s partnering with consumer brand Johnson & Johnson. And together, they’ve slashed prices on the latest Apple Watch to just $49.

The study, called Heartline, is hoping to recruit up to 150,000 participants over the next few months. All participants will receive an Apple Watch Series 5 device to use daily.

If you’re selected, you’ll be able to visit your local Best Buy and pick up the watch for just $49 plus tax, down from the full price of $399 for that model.

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If you don’t wish to pay for or keep the watch, participants will also have the option to borrow the watch for the duration of the study.

I’m a senior. How can I qualify for a discounted Apple Watch?

To qualify, participants must be 65-years-old or older, covered by Medicare and have an iPhone 6 model or later to use with the watch. Apparently, Apple can’t be bothered to discount an iPhone for the study.

Selection is random, so signing up doesn’t guarantee you’ll be chosen. But anyone interested in participating should visit Heartline’s official website and read through its information pages.

All you need to do is download the Heartline app from the Apple App Store, then sign up there. The link for this is right on the Heartline homepage.

We’ve already seen how useful the Apple Watch can be in protecting users from medical emergencies. Tap or click here to see how an Apple Watch saved a man’s life — literally.

Now, it’s just a matter of how we can take the knowledge we discover and apply it toward emerging technology. After more studies like this, who knows what the gadget will be capable of.

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