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Apple employees keep walking into glass walls

Apple has been one of the most innovative companies for years. It really took the tech world by storm with gadgets like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Not only is the tech giant known for ground-breaking products, but it’s also admired for being a great place to work.

Imagine working for a company that is a leader in innovation. It even implements futuristic qualities into its job sites. Unfortunately for some, one futuristic feature is causing injuries.

Is Apple Park a safe place to work?

We’re talking about a futuristic-looking campus dubbed Apple Park. Employees started working at the site earlier this year. Eventually, there will be nearly 12,000 Apple employees working there.

You won’t believe what’s happening now. There are already reports of some workers being injured. That’s because the building was constructed with tons of glass.

In fact, Apple bragged while it was being built that it was using the world’s largest panels of curved glass. Here’s a glimpse of part of its campus:

You might have already guessed what the problem is. If you think people are walking directly into the glass, congratulations, you’re right.

Being encompassed in glass might be hard enough to navigate on its own, but think about doing it while staring down at your gadget. That is probably happening quite a lot in a place like Apple Park with so many new gadgets in the works. It just goes to show ya, when you’re staring at your gadget don’t drive or walk. You might just run into that massive glass wall.

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