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Amazon is making a big change to its fastest delivery option

You may have noticed over the last few months a pop-up when using Amazon’s Prime Now app. The displayed notification would steer you towards Amazon’s main website and encourage you to do your shopping there instead of the app.

There was a method to the madness, though. Amazon revealed late last week it would discontinue some services. Prime Now is one of the unlucky departments being cut, with alternatives already in place. But the company is still thriving and looking to hire 75,000 more employees. Tap or click here to see how to apply.

If you have been making use of two-hour grocery deliveries through Prime Now, there are some things that you need to be aware of. Keep reading to find out everything in the works and how it will impact your shopping experience.

Here’s the backstory

Prime Now was launched in 2014 as a separate service to get fresh and essential goods delivered in under two hours. As a separate service, it also had a separate app. Some users might have found that confusing.

While it has been moderately successful, Amazon is embarking on a stringent streamlining process. And Prime Now is getting the chop. Well… sort of. The service will still be available to some degree, but the app will disappear.

“We are moving the experience from a separate Prime Now app onto the Amazon app and website so customers can shop all Amazon has to offer from one convenient location,” Amazon said in a blog statement.

What it means for you

Prime members can still get goods delivered in two hours, but orders will need to be placed through the main Amazon website or app. The Prime Now app will be pulled from app stores at the end of the year.

For fresh produce, Prime members must browse the Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh sections of the main website. The option for two-hour delivery, which was the main attraction of Prime Now, will still be available for certain goods and cities.

Amazon explained that the change-over process has already started in other countries and has slowly made progress in the U.S. for the last three years.

“In India, Japan, and Singapore, we’ve already moved the Prime Now experience onto Amazon and retired the Prime Now app and website. In the U.S., we began making two-hour delivery from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market available on Amazon in 2019,” the company said.

Most of the Prime Now functions will remain for customers. You can still ask Alexa to add products to your cart, and you can add more products before Amazon’s staff starts packing your order.

Prime Now is only one of the discontinued services, as Prime Pantry was axed earlier this year.

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