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thanksgiving flights

Act now to get the best Thanksgiving airline tickets

Hey, did you know the month of September is just about here? That’s right, the calendar will soon change and when it does, both October and November will soon follow.

That means better weather for many of us (including us in Phoenix, Arizona), as well as some fun holidays to celebrate. One of them is Thanksgiving, which also happens to be one of the busiest travel times of the year.

And yes, we understand the holiday is still a little less than three months away, but if you have plans to get away for a bit, it would not hurt to start preparing now. Google is trying to help, as they know when the best time to search for and buy a Thanksgiving flight will be.

The time is now

We have long heard of tales and tips regarding flights, like what time of the month and even on what day of the week is best for finding deals. That is even more important when looking to travel for holidays, as prices tend to be higher as demand is through the roof.

So if you are seeking the best possible deal, the research team at Google found that just about now is when you want to book your flight. Indeed, they discovered that waiting until October will likely lead to you paying about 95 percent more.

They also found that if you are a last-minute kind of shopper and decide to wait until November, you will likely face another 30 percent more on top of that in terms of flights or hotels.

That is, of course, not to say the prices are guaranteed to rise like that, as there are many things that factor into it. Where you are flying from, what time your flight will be and the length of your stay will all make a difference, as will of course what airline you choose to fly with.

How does Google know this?

Well, Google knows everything, so why not travel cost patterns? We’re kidding — we think — but they did look into price trends for the most common holiday flight routes in 2017 to find out how far in advance one should look into grabbing a ticket.

That meant they studied flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington to Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Orlando. Not specifically from one to another, just flights to and from the cities.

In terms of hotels, they looked into the same cities for each holiday season and then weighed the cost against the availability of 3-star and above hotels.

All of it was based off of data from their Google Flights, hotel search and things to do search through Google.

So looking at it, if you were planning a holiday trip you probably should not waste much more time, unless of course you don’t mind wasting some money, too.

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