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This site will give you access to free and discounted eBooks every day

Stuck inside with nothing to read? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans have picked up reading again since the COVID-19 pandemic went into full swing. And after the past few months, it’s likely you’ve gone through a good deal of the books and eBooks you already own.

So what’s next? Buying some new books? You could do that, and end up spending even more money on Amazon or through booksellers like Barnes and Noble. 

Alternatively, you can try to scour the web for free eBooks to install on your device — but many free or low-cost books are either in the public domain or relatively unknown.

Instead of hunting for eBooks on your own, why not leave it to the web to bring them to you? Enter — a digital repository of free and discounted eBooks from some of the biggest contemporary authors from around the world.

PixelofInk functions much like a blog does, and features a daily post containing new book recommendations and links to download and install them to your device. Many books are totally free to download, and if they’re not, they’re usually heavily discounted.

All of these links will take you to the Kindle store for downloads, so all you need to start reading is a compatible Kindle device or a smartphone with the Kindle app installed. 

What’s more, each post not only contains links to download but a brief summary and review of the book-of-the-day. It’s a great way to get familiar with new content before reading, so you don’t have to waste any time on a story you won’t be interested in.

Try this site. It’s great stuff!

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