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5 iconic tech products that are making a huge comeback

The success of the Nintendo Classic and the surprising demand for the relaunched Nokia 3310 demonstrates that there is a market out there for nostalgic and retro tech products.

We’ve seen the resurgence of vinyl and even the lowly cassette tape and it looks like this retro counter-culture comeback trend is not coming to a halt anytime soon. And it’s not just Nintendo and Nokia doing a Lazarus job on some of the most iconic products of the past.

Here are five of these retro-inspired products that are likewise on the comeback trail.

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 ushered in the first home console gaming craze back in the 1970s. Who can forget gaming classics like Asteroids, Missile Command, Q*Bert, Yars’ Revenge and Pitfall?

Unfortunately, the gaming market collapsed in 1983, taking this beloved console with it.

But Atari 2600 fans, gather your joysticks, you can get a modern reimagining of the console with the Atari Flashback. Actually, this plug and play mini version of the 2600 has been around for a while, way before the Nintendo Classic.

It comes with two wireless joysticks, 101 built-in games and composite TV connectors. This retro console looks great too!

You can purchase the Atari Flashback at Amazon right now for about $50.

Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 is known as the best-selling computer model of all time and it dominated the computer market in the 1980s. At its height, about 2 million units were sold each year. This 8-bit computer was everywhere!

With the advent of more powerful 32-bit computers, the production of the Commodore 64 stopped in 1994.

Come April, thanks to the crowd-funded 64 project, this iconic PC will be resurrected as a $150 handheld computer ($175 with a joystick) and a console version ($170).

Click here to check out the 64’s original crowd-sourcing page.

Sega MegaDrive/Genesis


Together with Nintendo, Sega dominated the home game console market in the early to mid-1990s. With its excellent Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles, it graced most of our childhood with unforgettable games like Sonic, Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Mortal Kombat.

With the rise of the Sony Playstation, the Genesis faded and was discontinued in 1997. Sega’s next attempt at another console, the Dreamcast, failed to capture the lofty heights the Genesis attained and the company decided to exit the gaming console market altogether.

Thankfully, as with the Nintendo Classic and the Atari Flashback, the Sega Genesis was reborn as the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console.

This mini plug-and-play version is preloaded with 80 beloved Genesis games and unlike the Nintendo and Atari flashback units, it will actually play old Sega Genesis game cartridges.

You can get the Sega Genesis Classic Console for around $50 at Amazon right now.

Polaroid OneStep Camera

Before digital and phone cameras took over, Polaroids were the king of the instant photography hill. The Polaroid OneStep was, in fact, the best-selling consumer instant camera way back in 1977.

Polaroid Corporation, the original company, folded in 2008 and was acquired by PLR IP Holdings, LLC. Licensed Polaroid-branded camera and photo products still live on to this day. One of the revived products is, yep, you guessed it right, the Polaroid OneStep SX-70.

Check out this modern classic instant camera on Amazon.


Who can forget Doc Brown’s time-travelling DeLorean DMC-12 in the “Back to the Future” trilogy? With its futuristic gull-wing doors and stainless steel body, it looked way ahead of its time.

Unfortunately, DeLorean went bankrupt in 1982 and the DMC-12 was discontinued.

But great scott! An unaffiliated company in Texas called the “DeLorean Motor Company” has acquired the rights to the DMC name, trademark and logo and is planning to relaunch the DMC-12 this spring. A total of 300 replicas of this iconic car will be produced this year. Now, that’s heavy.

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