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40 hours of free “Planet Earth” footage released by BBC

Do you sometimes crave the soothing sounds and sights of nature? Ever get that feeling that you want – nay, you need – to venture out and commune with the meditative spells of a steady stream, a far-flung mountaintop, or a serene beach?

For many people, this yearning for nature is a powerful instinct that has to be satisfied – we camp, we do fishing trips, we plan vacations around exotic landscapes, but hey, most of the time, the duties of our daily lives prevent us from doing so.

Thankfully, this epic set of videos can simulate those nature trips within the confines of your home.

BBC just uploaded a whopping 40 hours worth of beautiful, serene and soothing Planet Earth footage on its Earth Unplugged channel on YouTube.

The videos were culled from BBC’s massive library of nature footage used in its groundbreaking Planet Earth series. This time, however, they stripped away David Attenborough’s narration and the musical score, leaving us with just the glorious visuals and their unadulterated natural soundtrack – a delightful orchestra of murmuring winds, busy bird songs, crashing waves and babbling brooks. “Visual soundscapes,” as BBC Earth calls them.

The stunning series is split into four 10-hour episodes: Jungle, Mountain, Desert and Island.


  • “A journey through some of the most stunning jungles on earth. Fly above the trees and immerse yourself in this lush, dank and textured habitat.”


  •  “A journey through some of the most stunning mountainscapes on earth. Fly above the peaks and immerse yourself in this elevated, sky-kissing habitat.”


  • “A journey through some of the most stunning desert landscapes on earth. Fly with the eagles and immerse yourself in this beautiful, scorched and textured habitat.”


  • “A journey over some of the most rugged [islandscapes] on earth. As you glide over where land meets ocean, immerse yourself in this vivid habitat.”

Trust me, these videos are utterly magnificent and you’ll be stunned by the potency of their calming effect. Just hit play, stream or cast one on your big screen TV and let the moving wallpapers take you away to your very own “happy place.”

And don’t worry if you get inexplicable feelings of tranquility and joy while taking in these virtual sceneries, BBC Earth has scientific proof why it is so.

The videos are part of the Real Happiness Project, a joint mission by BBC Earth and the University of California, Berkeley to improve people’s connection to the natural world since their studies show that watching nature documentaries actually makes us happier.

And judging by the enchanting quality of these Earth Unplugged videos, it’s hard to argue against that.

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