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1 in 5 videos on Facebook are live videos

Can you believe it? Already, over a year has passed since Facebook officially launched Live Video. Since that time, content creators and individual users have latched onto the feature, using it to connect with their audiences in a whole new way.

A lot has changed since Facebook Live first rolled out. You might remember that it began in the simplest form, allowing people to stream video live to their audience. Since then, Live Video has received several mini makeovers. Now, you can dress your videos up with fun masks, filters, stickers and creative effects. There’s even a map that shows you who’s streaming on Facebook Live, and where.

Note: Facebook Live isn’t the only feature that’s getting better. Did you know you can add animation to your profile image? Click here for this and four other Facebook features you’re not using but should be.

According to Facebook, the Live Video feature has become so popular that one in every five videos is now live. That’s pretty impressive! Coinciding with that growth is the daily watch time, which has increased by four times since Facebook Live was first introduced.

If you haven’t tried Facebook Live yet, it’s easy to get started. And, there are some pretty good reasons you should. Last year, you might remember a woman named Candace Payne who became a viral sensation after streaming a live video of her wearing a Chewbacca mask. Although there’s no magic formula for what makes content go viral, you just never know. After her video went viral, Payne received around $400,000 in various perks, including gift cards, tuition assistance and swag!

Want to try it out, but not sure where to start? You can learn how to broadcast videos like a pro in Kim’s USA Today column. Here, Kim breaks down everything you’ll need and helpful tips to make your Facebook Live videos better. Get the full guide to Facebook Live by clicking here.

And, of course, you don’t want to miss out on the live videos Kim shares on her own Facebook page. Catch behind-the-scenes action from the show each week, and special announcements for promotions in the Shop, new features on the website, app and more! Click here to follow Kim on Facebook so you’ll never miss the action.

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