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You’ve got to see what’s really inside a volcano

Nature is filled with incredible forces that continue to shock and surprise us. Volcanoes are just one of the many things that demonstrate how powerful Mother Nature can be.In the last decade alone, we’ve witnessed some of these hidden monsters in action. Remember the eruption in Iceland back in 2010 that disrupted air travel all throughout Europe? The name of that volcano is a tricky one to pronounce. Can you say, Eyjafjallajökull?Back in the days of Pompeii, volcano eruptions were mysterious. However, now with so many advancements in technology, we’ve learned so much about how these forces of nature operate. That’s why this digital volcano is so neat. It lets you descend into the depths of this fiery inferno, without getting hurt. To give you this inside look, GE has partnered with Quake and the Nicaraguan government with the hope of using science to predict deadly volcanic activity.
Image: Scientists get up close and personal with an active volcano.
Together, they’ve put together this interactive tool that shares tons of information about our planet’s volcanoes. For example, did you know there are 1,571 active volcanoes on Earth currently? These active volcanoes are located in areas that threaten the lives of around 800 million people. Yikes! It’s for this reason experts are coming together to design early warning systems. Internet of Things gadgets that are making our homes smarter are being considered. Just imagine if your Amazon Echo could warn you if a volcano eruption was about to happen. How many lives could be saved if that warning came early enough to allow people time to evacuate? As you explore with this tool, you’ll learn about the city of Masaya, Nicaragua, which has over 300,000 residents that live around the volcano its named after. This volcano is one of only seven in the world that has an active lava lake, making its stability unpredictable. The tool guides you through some incredible images captured from this volcano, including video of a lava “waterfall.” Beyond that, you’ll receive information about how scientists are studying this volcano to gather valuable insight that could save millions of lives in the future. 
Image: Exploring the inner workings of a volcano. 
To use the tool and take a look at the inner workings of an active volcano, click the blue button below or visit: Once there, keep scrolling down on the page for your interactive tour. Note: You will need to have the most current version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the tool to work. 
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