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You’ll be blown away by this stunning map of the wind

Does today look like a rather blustery day? As Winnie the Pooh once famously said:

Oh the wind is lashing lustilyAnd the trees are thrashing thrustilyAnd the leaves are rustling gustilySo it’s rather safe to sayThat it seems that it may turn out to beFeels that it will undoubtedlyIt looks like a rather blustery day, today.

But how can it actually look like a blustery day? Winnie the Pooh might have had something going on here. How can you see the wind?The folks at Google’s data visualization research group have taken matters into their own hands. They created a way you can actually see the wind in action.You can see the wind as it whips across the continental United States using Wind Map. The site displays a graphical representation of the real-time wind speed over the U.S.You can zoom in and see exactly how windy it is anywhere in the U.S. The site shows you the wind using gray and black lines to illustrate the direction of the wind.Use the key on the left side of the page to determine how fast the wind is blowing. It is quite simply mesmerizing.Note: Google’s visualization team created Wind Map for artistic purposes. However, the data comes from the National Weather Service’s National Digital Forecast Database.Want more? The creators of Wind Map have also created a mind-blowing global wind map. Tap or click here to see it.Wind Map

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