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3 reasons you can’t beat this meal delivery service

It seems like many of us go through the same routine every year. New Year’s Eve rolls around and it’s time to make some serious changes. Inevitably, we vow to eat better, exercise more and lead healthier lifestyles.

Then the calendar hits January 10 and we fall right into the same old habits. We’re back to picking up dinner from a drive-thru and can’t even seem to remember signing up for that gym membership.

Why not make this year different? You can begin by eating more sustainably with America’s #1 meal kit, HelloFresh.

Let’s face it, after a long day, finding the energy to shop for groceries and prepare dinner can be tough. That’s why it’s so helpful to have meal kits delivered right to your door. I had a chance to try HelloFresh and it’s hands down my favorite meal kit delivery service.

Here are three reasons you can’t beat HelloFresh.

1. The food will help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions

It’s so easy to fall back into bad habits when it comes to what we eat. Taking the family to a restaurant for dinner or grabbing some greasy fast-food burgers might seem like the easy way to go, but is it?

Fast-food restaurants load up dishes with a ton of sodium that’s bad for your body. There goes the healthier living resolution.

If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, eat more veggies, cut down on meat or just eat out less — HelloFresh can help. Its low-calorie recipes make hitting your goals easier, and they don’t taste anything like traditionally boring diet food.

HelloFresh offers multiple plans to choose from. Here are some of your options:

  • Meat & Veggies – HelloFresh will recommend recipes that incorporate meat and vegetables. (Note: No matter which plan you choose, you can always customize your menu more and select from 20 delicious recipes each week.)
  • Veggie – You’ll receive recommendations for veggie recipes.
  • Family Friendly – You’ll receive recipe recommendations that are perfect for the entire family.
  • Low Calorie – If you’re watching your weight, this is the plan for you. HelloFresh will recommend low-calorie recipes that will help you keep that New Year’s resolution.

2. You get all the ingredients you need

Grocery shopping for the week can be time-consuming. Before heading to the store you need to have a plan in place and make a list. That way you don’t forget to pick up essential ingredients for the epic meals you’re planning to make.

Plus, sticking to your list keeps you from those tempting impulse buys that can throw off not only your diet but the budget you’re trying to stick to.

You’re finally ready to shop. Here’s where the real work begins. Once you make it to the grocery store you have to find a place to park. Ugh, everyone decided to pick up their groceries today and it’s chaos.

After parking in a spot that seems to be about a block away, you go inside the store and battle the crowds. Now it’s time to check out. Yep, the line appears to be a mile long and you waste another 20 minutes just trying to get out.

The good news is you’ve remembered to pick up everything you need for the week. The bad news is you have to do it all over again next week. No thank you!

With HelloFresh, every ingredient you need will be delivered right to your door, hassle-free.

Each week, you’ll open simple step-by-step recipes complete with nutritional information and fresh, pre-measured ingredients to get you whipping up delicious dinners in no time.

Here’s what’s inside each box:

  • Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info.
  • High-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm.
  • Convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge.
  • A fun cooking experience that makes you feel unstoppable.

3. Less waste

Nothing feels worse than throwing out food that spoils in the fridge. What a waste!

With HelloFresh, you get only what you need for each recipe and the meals are so delicious, you won’t skip cooking in favor of greasy takeout. The company has been committed to sustainability since it began operations.

Preventing unnecessary food waste has been a part of HelloFresh’s ethos since day one. It even creates less food waste than retail grocery stores by perfectly portioning the ingredients you need for each meal.

Not only does HelloFresh cut down on food waste but it also uses smarter packaging. Its packaging team is continuously testing new materials and products to ensure it’s meeting sustainability goals at the same time. That means you get a fresh, high-quality and safe product with minimum packaging.

Get started with HelloFresh today and get 10 free meals with free shipping when you use promo code Komando10 at checkout.

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