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Can you beat this really hard Wordle clone?

Wordle diehards, be warned: there’s a new sheriff in town from one of the biggest names in word-smithing and literary tomfoolery. If you’ve been waiting for something new to satisfy your puzzle kick, Merriam-Webster’s latest acquisition is here to serve. And serve, it does.

Read on for one of the most challenging puzzle games you’ll find on the web.

How to play Quordle online

Merriam-Webster isn’t just the top dog in the dictionary industry. You can also play fun word games on its site. Quordle is the most recent addition to this virtual arcade, and the premise is pretty simple.

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Instead of one word to guess, you’ve got four, all on-screen at the same time. Each guess applies to all four game boards, and you only have nine guesses to find your words.

Compared to the other games on the site, it’s definitely a step up. We were just as enthralled with this version as the original Wordle, and that’s saying something.

Clearly, the designers of this game were playing 5D chess. Who knew it would even be possible to improve upon one of the biggest hits in addicting internet games to make a splash over the last decade?

Try it for yourself. It’s much more complicated than it looks, but your victory will be all the more satisfying. 

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