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Watch the Ball Drop live in Times Square

Times Square has been the center of new year’s celebrations since 1904 and now, it’s not only tradition to watch the ball drop every year, but it’s also an international phenomenon with millions of people tuning in or traveling to New York for the big event.You don’t have to miss out on the first party of 2019. Better yet, you don’t even have to travel to NYC, brave the huge crowds or the cold weather.With the official Times Square Ball site, you can watch all the night’s festivities live, from the best seat in the house: your own.The site is filled with facts about New Year’s Eve and the ball drop history. For example, did you know that those are real Waterford Crystal triangles on the ball? Actually, 2,688, to be precise, bolted to 672 LED modules, which provide the changing colors.Read up on the history of New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York, including the first ball drop in 1907. The only times the celebration didn’t occur was during wartime in 1942 and 1943.You can also watch the drop from two webcams set up for the celebration.Don’t miss out on all the fun while you stay warm and safe! App background

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