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Was that an earthquake? Check this website

The possibility that you have experienced an earthquake may be greater than you think. It is estimated that about 500,000 earthquakes can be detected around the world, annually.While they can be dangerous, most earthquakes can’t even be felt. Of the 100,000 that can be, approximately 100 will cause damage.For all of you fascinated with natural disasters, you can learn more about earthquakes and when they occur at It will be the most informative resource for you.

Helpful features on the USGS earthquake site

This website is loaded with easy to access features. The main page begins with articles about earthquake occurrences and frequently updated information regarding the most recent ones.The site also highlights significant quakes around the world in the past month, in addition to research, hazards, data and earthquake monitoring.Receiving earthquake notifications is another feature that is available for users. The notification subscription is designed to warn you when an earthquake is detected in your area. Of course, accounts may be customized and you can get information from any region you’d like.Creating an account is simple. All that is required is an email address, username and password.

Maps make it easy to detect where earthquakes happen

The simplicity of the website may be its best feature. For people who visit out of pure curiosity, some of the scientific diction could be incredibly confusing.Fortunately, this site has a plethora of colored, labeled maps on almost every page. The featured map shows all the detected earthquakes within a 24-hour time period. This map is very interactive and will give necessary details about whichever earthquake location you select.

Learn everything you’ll need to know about quakes

For those who wouldn’t consider themselves scientific experts, earthquakes.usgs offers a great ‘learn‘ page to help teach both adults and children about quakes.In this section you can find fact sheets, tips on how to prepare for earthquakes, photographs and terms.The website is very informative and has addicting features that could keep your attention for a while. Despite your knowledge of earthquakes, or lack thereof, this library of facts and interactive images is a fun way to learn more about one of the worlds more perennial natural occurrences.Click or tap here to check out the site. Or, use the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box.
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