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Great site: Take a virtual drive around your favorite city

Do it safely when you decide it’s time to get out of the house for your next adventure. Tap or click here for eight ways to stay safe while traveling.

But if you want to experience different cities from around the world without leaving the comfort of home, thanks to modern technology, you can.

With the power of high-definition cameras and high-quality microphones, you can take a virtual tour of the biggest cities in the world without ever having to book a flight. Keep reading to find out how.

How to experience global cities from the comfort of home

Drive and Listen is a captivating website that fuses a 4K street-view video feed with local radio stations from cities around the world. From your browser, you can take a virtual tour of London, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo and more with only a few clicks.

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Some feeds seem to be recorded by bicyclists, which means the tours sometimes go off the beaten trail. What’s more, you can speed up the feeds and see all the sights you want to visit much faster.

Better yet, you don’t just get a single radio station for each location — you get a few. If you’ve never heard what radio stations sound like in Russia, you might be surprised at the kind of music you hear.

In many cases, you’ll even hear American music on foreign stations, showing how far our popular culture has spread to different places around the planet.

For even more immersion, you can activate “Street Noise” to hear the sounds of the city as they unfold around you. It’s like a virtual vacation you don’t have to pay for.

Try this site. It’s great stuff!

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