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Use this free, encrypted file-sharing service

If you have ever collaborated on a project online with coworkers, family or friends, chances are you have used a file-sharing service such as Google Docs, Dropbox or One Drive. Whether you are in the same workspace or across the globe, these services make functioning as a team rather simple. Now comes a new entrant into the mix, and this one has some cool features.

Given the opportunity, you should test out Mozilla’s Firefox Send, a free file-sharing service. After two years of development, it is now available at for both web and mobile users. Curious as what makes this service so unique? Read on for a few highlights.

Take a closer look at this file-sharing service

With Firefox Send, anyone can transfer files of up to 1GB via a web link. However, if you sign up for a free Firefox account, the allowable file size more than doubles to 2.5GB. Sharing files through Send is simple, with two options; drag and drop or upload your files. Once the file is uploaded, copy the link provided, and password if you included one, and send it to your recipient(s).

The only actions your receiver must complete before retrieving the file is to click the shared link and enter the password. You can share the copied link through a variety of applications including email and messaging, to any number of recipients. Individual files are sent in their original format while sending multiple ones will be compressed into a zip file.

Firefox Send focuses on your privacy and security

Firefox is well-known for its commitment to a user’s privacy and security. With Send, it is no different. Protecting you and your data is an area where Send separates itself from other file-sharing services. In addition to providing end-to-end encryption for your security, Firefox Send allows you to add a password so only your intended recipient(s) can download it. And, regardless of your browser, Firefox Send can download standard file formats including, jpg, mp3, docx, or exe with or without password protection.

What’s the coolest feature of Send? Hands-down, the automatic expiration of your uploaded link and associated file after 24 hours or one download, unless you change the expiration parameters. The number of downloads to self-destruction range from 1 to 100, while time options are 5 mins, 1 hour, one day and seven days. Upon reaching your expiration choice, Firefox Send will erase the link and file, leaving no remains floating about the web.

Yes, there is a Send app

Not wanting to disregard those who depend on Android mobile devices for transferring files, Firefox has launched its Send app. The same free file-sharing service available for web users is accessible from your mobile device with the addition of a share button, for apps such as Gmail and Slack. From the home screen, you can immediately start uploading files by clicking the Add button, or sign in/signup into a Firefox account. Currently, in beta stage, Firefox Send can be installed from the Google Play store.

Although there is not an iOS version at this time, iPhone and iPad users can still utilize the service via the Firefox Send mobile site.

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