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How well do you know your US geography? Test yourself

You may live in America, but do you happen to be a master of U.S. geography? For example, do you know what the capital of Iowa is, off the top of your head? Don’t feel bad if you have to look it up — what you learned in school might not have lasted as long as hoped.

But that’s where these fun and surprisingly addictive U.S. geography and trivia apps come in. You can brush up on everything you know about the country you live in (maybe the one you were born in, too) all the while enjoying a variety of trivia questions and fun multiplayer options.

It’s time to put your knowledge to the test with these apps that you can download for iOS and Android. And while we’re at it, who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence? See if you can answer by the end of the post after checking these apps out.

50 U.S. maps, capitals and flags – American quiz

Didn’t pay attention in class or just have trouble remembering the state capitals and locations? That’s okay, you’re definitely not alone.

If you want to try and rekindle your love for learning that type of thing about the U.S., however, this app is for you. It’s jam-packed with trivia questions testing your knowledge of all 50 states, state flags, state spelling quizzes, facts on when each state was admitted to the Union, and even state nicknames.

This free-to-play app will test you on every single one of these things and then some. By the time you’ve played through a few sessions, you’ll be a veritable genius when it comes to identifying capitals, states, and even its geographical borders. You live here – it’s only fair that you learn more about the country!

This free app is available for both Apple and Android gadgets.

The American Quiz

Happy Independence Day! Now get out there and celebrate your freedom by picking up this fun app.

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