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Update: Google Trips app discontinued

UpdateAug. 8:On Aug. 5, Google discontinues its Google Trips app. The services offered on the app can be found on Google Maps and Google Flights.
Sure, going on vacation is tons of fun. But half the excitement of any great getaway is planning it out. As you inch closer to that magical date where you’ll take flight to sunny California or even around the world to Japan, you’ve got flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and fun, out-of-the-way spots to check out. But how do you keep all this information sorted?Google Trips is a tool that lets you store all of your destinations, flights, hotels, and other places of interest in one handy place. Using the free organizational portal, you can put together a comprehensive picture of the vacation you’re planning so that all your important information is in one, easy-to-navigate place.The portal itself isn’t so much an app, but a website you can visit that links out to various different tools or other locations online. For instance, visiting the Google Trips portal will bring you to a main page that’s simply called “Trips.” The app is much the same if you choose to use that instead.

How to plan your dream vacation with Google Trips

Google Trips does more than just let you keep all the important details in one place. It will also keep your recent searches, saved places, and flights you’re tracking so when you sign into your Google account, you’ll be able to find it all again so you don’t miss a beat.Google will also be adding things to do that you’ve viewed previously, as well as all the research you’ve done in-app in one place. This will only work if you have your web and app activity settings via Google tuned correctly, so that’s important to keep in mind.When you add your hotel and flight reservations along with other information to your itineraries, Google will also add weather information to your package to ensure you know how to dress and whether you should pack an umbrella or not. All the important info you need will be kept in one place, which takes stress off you for having to remember things and lets you start enjoying your vacation again.But what if you’re going to some remote location where you’re not sure you’ll find Wi-Fi? Maybe you’re running out of cellular data?Don’t worry – your trips will be available to you offline if you choose the “Download” option, which will make all information you’ve collected for your existing trips available to access offline. This means if you get stuck with a limited or unreliable internet connection on your phone or tablet (or want to use your computer without wireless internet) you can still see plans you’ve made.If you haven’t downloaded a specific destination, you can only view your reservations for that area. Plus, you won’t be able to edit your trips or create new ones offline. If there are any links out in the trips you’ve created, they will likely not connect either since you have limited or no internet service to fulfill them with.Google lets you use Trips via desktop or app, depending on what’s more convenient for you. It’s available online at the official Trips portal or as an app for both iOS and Android.Now, with all the hard parts of planning a vacation out of the way, all you have to worry about is kicking back and relaxing. Thanks, Google!
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