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Turn your phone or tablet into a personal wine expert

You’ve got a great dinner party planned and the menu looks, sounds and smells amazing. But what about the drinks?You could serve soda or water, but sometimes the best complement to a great menu is the perfect bottle of wine. Unfortunately, there are millions of wines to choose from. How can you decide?The next time you’re staring down the aisle, getting dizzy with all the choices and wishing you had a wine expert with you, don’t panic. You can have a wine expert with you.The Vivino Wine Scanner app is like having that expert right in your pocket. Even if you have a passing knowledge of wines, this app can make you more confident and boost your knowledge about them.The Vivino Wine Scanner can instantly identify wine and tell you all about it. The app can recognize over 3 million wines, and if the one you’ve scanned isn’t in the database, the Vivino team will find a match by hand. You can get information about ratings and prices of almost any wine.You can also get personalized wine recommendations from Vivino based on your tastes and see what other Vivino users recommend. And for more features, like cataloging the wines you own, you can upgrade within the app to Vivino Pro.

How it works:

All you have to do is take a photo of any wine label and the app will provide details on pricing, ratings, reviews and even food pairing suggestions. You can also use the app while dining out by taking a photo of the wine list. The app will then give you more information about your available options, and make suggestions. 

Other great features of the app include the ability to find deals on wine and locate wine merchants in your area. This means you won’t be traipsing all over town trying to find the best bottle for when you’re entertaining.Vivino’s social aspect also lets you connect with family and friends, and share wines you’ve discovered. You can also follow wine experts and save wines you see on your wish list.

Vivino Wine Scanner is a free app for both Apple and Android wine lovers! Try it out today by clicking the links above, or blue buttons below.

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