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Try this new travel entertainment app designed by pilots

There are all types of flyers in this world. Some are nervous about getting on a plane, whereas others view the prospect with great excitement.Once on, you will see folks pass the time in all sorts of ways. Sleeping, reading, watching movies, playing games, browsing the internet and listening to music are all popular options, as is trying to calm a screaming child before the entire cabin turns on you.Another thing that can be done these days, at least on most flights, is keeping an eye on the flight tracker. A cool feature that usually shows you the plane’s speed, estimated time of arrival and digital view from the sky, it’s, if nothing else, pretty interesting.

One thing it is not, however, is descriptive

As much information as the flight trackers provide, one thing it is missing is specific details on where and what you are flying over. Have you ever looked out the window and seen something that you wish you could identify?Flight tracker won’t help, but a new app called Inflighto can. Developed by a pair of Australian pilots, it aims to fill in the gaps while providing a more intuitive in-flight experience.Among its features:
  • Moving maps that provide excellent detail
  • Identification of highlights along your flight path, with color-coded map pins to help spot things
  • Detailed information within each map pin that can be accessed with a tap
  • A live weather radar that will help you anticipate turbulence as you fly through the air
Along with all that, Inflighto will provide everyone who has the app and is on your flight with a chat room, while also locating and identifying marine vessels for those of you who are flying over the open water. All you need is the app and in-flight Wi-Fi.

There are a couple of different versions

Depending on what kind of features you seek and how much you dislike ads, you have some options to choose from. The first is free, though it is understandably a toned-down version of the app.There is the “Premium Economy,” which removes ads as well as the three-minute tracking limit that is present in the free version. Or, you could choose the “Business Class” app, which will give you the live weather and marine tracking as well as unlimited flight tracking with no ads.

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