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Thousands of free online user manuals

It is so fun to bring home a new gadget. In the excitement of unpacking and trying out the new gizmo, the last thing on many minds is carefully filing and saving the owner’s manual.

Who needs the manual anyway? Your gadget or appliance is brand new and running like a charm. But when something does go wrong, or a setting needs to be changed later, the instructions are nowhere to be found.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this cool site, ManualsOnline.

Your go-to manual site

ManualsOnline holds owner’s manuals for thousands of products, many dating back several years. You can search for major brands and manufacturers like Apple, LG, Sony, GE and more.

It has information on everything you’ll need, from your smartphone to your refrigerator. Best of all, they’re all free! You can even upload your manuals in your very own account, so you know exactly where to find them the next time you have a problem.

(Psst! Even if you don’t need an owner’s manual right now, bookmark this site so you can find it again quickly, when you will inevitably need instructions.)

Thousands of manuals from dozens of top brands have been digitized and uploaded to ManualsOnline. If you need help, odds are you can find it in this website’s database of more than 700,000 products.

The best part is all of them are free to access! You can even read helpful hints and advice from other users.

ManualsOnline also makes it easy to keep track of your manuals when you buy a new product. If you sign in using an email address or Facebook account, you can scan copies of your manuals to add to the collection.

To find or upload your manuals, tap or click here. App background

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