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Get a free investment stock (Apple, Ford, Sprint or similar) with this app

Investing your money is important for your future financial health and stability. But it can be an intimidating prospect, especially with so many ways to invest. Should you focus on stocks? What kinds of stocks? What about cryptocurrency? The options, and everything to learn about them, seem endless.Robinhood is an app that makes investing easy to do and easy to understand, and it lets you start making money incredibly cheaply.By cheaply, we actually mean you can start making money for free.Our sponsor Robinhood is giving Komando readers and listeners (you’re listening to our podcasts, right?) a free stock from companies like Apple, Ford and Sprint to help them start building their portfolios.It might seem too good to be true, but Robinhood is an app designed to make investing as cheap as possible for its customers. Helping you kick-start your portfolio is part of that, and allows the app to start educating you on good investment practices. Read on to learn more about Robinhood, and how it makes investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies incredibly simple, and easy to understand. Then keep reading to see how Robinhood is one of the cheapest ways you can start investing right now, and sign up at to get your free stock, allowing you to start making money with the app at no cost at all.

Learn how to invest with Robinhood—or revel in its effectiveness as an expert

Robinhood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks (pieces of ownership of a company), ETF’s (Exchange-Trade Funds, which are similar to mutual funds but are traded like stock), options (contracts that give you the right to buy or sell stock at a specific price by a specific date), and cryptocurrencies (digital currencies that are highly encrypted, making transactions made with them incredibly secure, and not reliant on a bank or central authority in order to take place, or have a particular value). With a simple, intuitive design, Robinhood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike.When you’re in the app, you can view easy-to-understand charts and market data and place a trade in just four taps on your smartphone screen. The intuitive design of the app means you don’t need a manual to run it, or even any lessons in advance to get started.Just open Robinhood, and you’ll see your portfolio, and how it’s financially fairing. If you’ve been investing a long time, you’ll appreciate how streamlined the service is. If you’ve never invested before, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to just get started, with zero intimidation.Robinhood helps you with the research part of investing as much as it makes it easy to make a trade or purchase. The charts the app generates illustrate the values of stocks and other investment options, while the market data takes the temperature of the companies you’re looking at, and can help you predict how that stock, ETF, option, or cryptocurrency might trend in the future.Investment opportunities come with Analyst Ratings, recommendations from real professionals which show what percentage of them think you should buy, what percentage think you should hold, and what percentage think you should sell, helping you decide what the best course of action is right now.The app also recommends news articles that can tell you more about the companies and opportunities, and let you learn more about why analysts are making the recommendations they’re making. As an investment newbie, you’ll be able to make informed trades thanks to all of this information, increasing your chances of making money, and making it sooner. You learn how to build your portfolio as you build it. As an expert, you have some of the research done for you, so you can decide if a stock or option is tempting or not in a short amount of time, and maybe get turned onto a new ETF faster.On top of that, the Robinhood app has features that let you track your favorite companies, and get customized notifications on price movements. You can set the app to let you know when a cryptocurrency dips to a particular price, so you can buy it quickly, or it can let you know when a stock is at a high point, so you can sell it and make a significant profit.By being easy to use, and chock full of useful features, Robinhood is a great investment app for those new to investing, and those that are old hands at it. With a ton of easy to read research and informed ratings, and a simple interface that allows to easy exchanges and notifications, Robinhood helps everyone make trades that will make them the most money. These features alone make it worth getting, but combine it with the fact that it’s one of the cheapest ways to invest out there, it’s basically irresistible. Sign up for it right now at, and keep reading to understand what makes Robinhood such an affordable investing platform.

Make money with Robinhood at minimum cost to you, and start making it absolutely free

Robinhood is one of the cheapest ways you can start investing for one major reason—it works commission free. When you make trades through a broker, the broker gets commissions from the sales and buys. That’s great for the broker, but that means you lose out on money on top of needing to pay any relevant fees for your stock, option, ETF or cryptocurrency purchase.With the Robinhood app, fees may still apply to certain transactions, but the lack of commission means you end up saving way more of your money. Your investments pay out entirely to you, making you richer, and your overall costs lower.In addition to being commission-free, Robinhood has no account minimum deposit in order to get started using the app, so you can invest as much or as little as you’d like to kick things off.And let’s not forget the deal for Komando readers and listeners; Robinhood is giving a FREE stock from companies like Apple, Ford and Sprint to those of you that sign up at This means that not only is there not a minimum deposit, Robinhood is actually giving you your first investment. Sure, it’s just a single stock, but from these kinds of companies, that’s actually a very generous gift, and selling that stock later is pure profit for you. So you save money by using Robinhood regularly, and it even gives you some initial investment upfront, paying out almost immediately.

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