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The one letter you’ll want to receive in the mail

For many of us, mail — actual mail — is a relic of the past. Sure, our box is occasionally graced by something nice like a wedding invitation or frustrating like a bill, but for the most part, it’s junk.And if it’s not junk, it’s normally pretty boring. Mail is mail is mail. It has been around for many years, and doesn’t have much room to change.At least, it can’t really get much bigger if it is still going to fit in the mailbox. But it can get smaller.

It can get much, much smaller

It is called “Miniature Mail,” and it is the most adorable letter you could ever send or receive. Created by Justin Powell, originally because he wanted to make his wife feel better during post-recovery surgery, the idea is to design and send customized tiny letters.Tiny, cute, precious letters.The letters are not cheap — especially if you break it down as dollar-per-centimeter — at $9.99 a piece. But can you really put a price on the joy one will feel upon receiving the tiniest letter they’ve ever seen?Once you figure out the font, font size and margin, you can place your order. In case you are worried about the mini-mail being damaged while grouped with regular-sized letters, worry not. The envelope is stamped and placed inside a letter-sized plastic envelope so that it does not get lost or ruined in transit.
Pretty neat, huh?Now, not only is this a bit pricey, but it is sent via regular mail and thus will take some time to reach its destination. Miniature Mail recommends allowing at least four days for delivery, though they hope the letters — which are sent via First Class postage with the USPS — will arrive within one to three days.A text message is both cheaper and quicker, but not nearly as likely to get someone to say “awwwwww” when seeing it for the first time.
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