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Thousands of brainteasers, riddles and logic problems
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Test yourself with more than 15,000 brainteasers, riddles and logic problems

It’s easy to fall into the routine of one Netflix movie after another when you’re housebound, so it’s important to make sure to keep your mind active as well as your body. Luckily, there are sites that make it easy and fun to test yourself with tons of free logic problems, brainteasers, riddles and more.

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With so much available online, it’s easy to struggle to decide what to spend your time on. But, Braingle has something for everyone looking to keep their mind active and entertained. Read on to find out exactly what Braingle has to offer!

What kinds of things can you do on Braingle?

In short, you can do a lot: From brain teasers to riddles to trivia to games and more, Braingle has activities for all ages. Playing so much as 15 minutes a day of brain teasers or trivia, for example, can go a long way towards keeping your mind sharp and helping you maintain focus while still being fun.

Plus, the site has a simple, intuitive design, which makes the whole process of searching for something to do quick and easy for even those with little computing experience.

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Here are the most popular things to do on Braingle:

  • Brain Teasers
  • Optical Illusions
  • Puzzle Experiences
  • Codes & Ciphers
  • Puzzlepedia
  • Trivia Quizzes
  • Fact Box
  • Photo Quiz
  • Famous Art Quiz
  • Celebrity Quiz
  • Mentalrobics Articles
  • Memory Tests
  • Flash Cards
  • Vocab Builder
  • IQ Tests
  • Puzzle Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Card Games

Looking for more social activities? Braingle has you covered. With public forums, talk boxes, private messages, live chat and a variety of social games. If you’re looking to keep your mind active and make friends, you can do that easily on Braingle.

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