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Test your vision now at home using this site

No matter how hard you try to slow it down, the aging process always eventually catches up with everyone. You might see a little graying of the hair, and have a few aches and pains pop up from time to time that never used to bother you. Those are just a couple minor issues that most everyone will have to deal with.Then there are the more serious problems. For example, you might experience some hearing loss and begin to have trouble seeing, especially at night.Even if you already wear glasses, it might be time for a stronger prescription. Typically, this means paying a visit to the optometrist. However, this cool site offers several home vision exams, for free that you can take before making that appointment.We’re talking about you sometimes mess with your eyes to read signs properly? Does your vision go fuzzy when you read?Maybe it’s difficult for you to drive at night. Whatever the case may be, you should begin by testing your vision allows you to check for things like Myopia or hyperopia, test both your near and far vision, find out if you could have astigmatism or daltonism (color-blindness).The tests are quick and easy and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete them all.

Note: These tests have no diagnostic value. In case of difficulties, only an eye care professional can carry out a complete eye examination to detect any eventual visual problems.

To start testing your vision today, click on the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box. If you’re reading this article using the app, click here to visit the vision tests page.
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