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Terrific free music to bring your projects to life

How do you feel about free music? Everyone loves free things and everyone loves music, so mashing them together is something you have to appreciate. We are always on the lookout for websites and artists that produce “Royalty-Free” music.Royalty-Free music is copy-written music produced by an artist that you don’t have to pay a royalty or licence fee to use. This doesn’t just mean it is free to listen to, it is also free for you to use in movies, commercials, YouTube videos, blogs, presentations, or wherever else you want to use it.Today’s Cool Site is a place where you can get hundreds of different royalty-free tracks.The folks over at have put together a collection of hundreds of free songs that you can use royalty-free. This music spans a wide variety of genres from Polka, to funk and blues. There are many tracks that are labeled “Film Scoring Moods” that would be perfect for aspiring filmmakers, or home-movie artists alike. These cover background themes in action, comedy, sadness, horror and many more.In addition to genre and film scoring tracks, Incompetech also includes several worldly inspired music themes, from Celtic folk, far east inspired, middle eastern to reggae and ska. Quite a large variety of music that is unusually well categorized for a royalty-free site. The website even has a search feature to help you locate the genre or song that is best for you.There is no catch to using this music, and it is totally free, but the folks over at Incompetech do deserve some credit for putting things together for us. Make sure you credit Kevin MacLeod, the artists behind these tracks. Better yet, you could toss him a donation over on his site, completely up to you.Enjoy these carefully categorized tracks, and spice up your next venture with some completely free to use music.
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