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Tens of thousands of images that are free to use

Advancements in photography have come in leaps-and-bounds over the last couple decades. Smartphone cameras are so high-quality nowadays it’s almost like having a professional camera at your fingertips at all times.However, there is still something special about the breathtaking photos taken by professionals and their equipment. They always seem to capture the essence of their surroundings at the perfect moment. That’s why I love using professional images to beautify my gadgets’ display.I have good news, our pick to enhance your computer’s display options just got better. This cool site is chock-full of images and the best part is they’re free to use.LibreStock lets you search the best free stock photo websites in one place.It also recently added tens of thousands more images to choose from. The site now gives you access to more than 62,000 high-quality stock photos. Here are some examples of images you’ll find on the site:LibreStock is a metasearch engine that scans and indexes stock photos from nearly 50 different websites. It provides users with the largest searchable database of free high-quality stock photos on the internet.There’s even more good news. The photos found through LibreStock are 100 percent free to use. The images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning you can use them freely for any legal purpose.The site is extremely easy to navigate. Just visit its home page and enter a search term and click Filter websites.You can search for things such as nature, travel, water, sunsets and more. There’s even a list of popular search tags on the home page that you can click for each category.To get started, simply click on the link we’ve provided below inside the blue box. Or, click here to visit the LibreStock home page. You’ll be glad that you did.

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