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Surf the web without a trace

We all love free Wi-Fi because it keeps us from using up all our data when we’re on the go. But these networks aren’t secure and your web activity is probably being tracked.Advertisers want to know what you’re looking at so that they can sell you things and hackers want to gain access to your personal information. A virtual private network (VPN) can prevent these third parties from seeing what you do online.VPNs create an encrypted connection so that your activity is hidden. If you’re concerned about privacy when you use public Wi-Fi, then a VPN mobile app like IPVanish may put you at ease. This app replaces your phone or tablet’s IP address (your device’s online identification number) with one of their own.Whether you’re checking your online bank account or sending emails, IPVanish will mask all of your browsing history from snoops and identity thieves. They promise to give you a fast connection speed that won’t slow you down while you surf. The app even reminds you to stay safe online when you try to connect to public networks.IPVanish works in over 60 countries and provides access to over 40,000 IP addresses. When you open the app, just select which city you want your IP address to originate from. They utilize over 700 VPN servers and you can switch servers at any time.The company behind IPVanish owns and manages the servers and networks that the app uses. Some VPNs may hide your activity from third parties but the app itself can see everything you do. IPVanish is different. To further maintain your privacy, the app doesn’t keep track of your web activity or record when you connect to the service.To try IPVanish, click one of the blue buttons below or click here for Android products and click here for Apple products.

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