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Stunning filters turn your photos into works of Picasso, Rembrandt and more

When Instagram hit the scene in 2010 everyone was in love with all of the cool filters you could add to your photos to turn them into something extraordinary. But now, there’s a new iOS app in town that can add even more awesome filters to turn them into works of art.

With the Prisma app, you can add 35 different filters to your photos – only these filters aren’t “Kelvin” or “Reyes” but rather “Dreams” and “Running in the Storm.” These filters are much more dramatic and appear as popular styles of art.

Prisma takes an ordinary photo and turns it into something entirely new, using filters inspired by the works of famous artists and popular patterns. Some of the most noteworthy filters mimic the artwork of Picasso, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. There are also impressionism and geometric filters and you can even suggest your own style.

Take a look at how these filters completely transform your photos:


Using the app is simple. Just like Instagram, you can upload an image from your Camera Roll, or take a photo directly through Prisma. There is even an option in the Settings menu to save an original copy of the photo you take.

Once you have the image you’d like to edit, simply tap the filter option you’d like to apply. Some of the filters do take a bit longer to apply than others due to the complexity of the effects they’re adding.

Prisma was just released to the public in July 2016 and its success has already been extraordinary. Within one week of its launch, Prisma was downloaded 7.5 million times, and that number has continued to grow ever since.

The basic version of Prisma is a free download for both Apple and Android users. You can also check out Prisma’s Instagram page to see just how stunning these filters are.

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