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Soothing and creative way to show off artistic talent

Anyone who has ever been on the internet knows it offers plenty of ways to waste time. Every site seems to have some kind of rabbit hole to go down, and before you know it, the concept of time goes even further out the window with every click.But every now and then a time waster comes along that is so different, so cool, that it would almost be wrong not to play around with it. Really, we are doing you a favor by bringing this to your attention, even if your overall productivity suffers a bit.It’s all worth it in the name of art. That’s right, a site exists that will make you feel like Picasso in the end. We’re not kidding.

Discover the artist within you

The site is called, and it is a pretty simple concept. You start with a blank page that is just waiting to be made into a masterpiece. To do this, you go to the upper-left corner and click on the third little box from the left, which is for controls.What you do from there is entirely your call. You can stick with the basic colors presented or combine them by clicking and dragging from one to the next. Once you get that the way you want, you then decide what pattern you want to display.You cycle through the options with the bar just below the colors, with seven options to choose from. You can also adjust it to mirror across the center or not, or even spiral toward the center.At that point, you are ready. Just move your mouse to anywhere on the screen and click, drag and watch the magic happen.There are so many color combinations and design choices that you will easily find yourself experimenting to see what you can come up with.As soon as you feel like your masterpiece is ready, you have the ability to share it with others. Just click on the button in the top left corner and you will see a link to copy/paste as well as the option to email it.There is also an iOS app for Weavesilk that costs $2.99.

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