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Smart to-do app for busy people

The thing about life is that it is busy. If you are not doing anything, you are supposed to be, and if you are doing something, you probably should also be doing something else.Some people would not have it any other way, and no doubt there is something to be said for always having something going on. But even as great as that may be, it can be difficult to keep track of everything.One thing that is likely not on your to-do list is downloading an app that will keep you organized and on top of things. Not that we want to add even more to your schedule, but you’ll thank us for this one.

All your tasks organized in one place

The app we are talking about is called “Remember the Milk,” and it bills itself as “the smart to-do app for busy people.” It’s free and works for desktops as well as iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.It can be connected to Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Twitter, Evernote, IFTTT and other apps and tools, helping to consolidate your days, weeks and months all in one place. Amazingly, it can also be run through Siri and there is an Apple Watch app, too.Essentially, it remembers all your tasks so you don’t have to. All you must do is enter them in, with options like due date, priority level, whether or not they repeat, tags and plenty more features.Once your tasks are entered, Remember the Milk will take care of the rest. It will send reminders via email, text, Twitter, or other mobile apps, depending on your preference.Remember the Milk also allows you to share your lists with others, just in case you need a little help. Who couldn’t use a hand when things get a little crazy?Another helpful tool is its search wizard, which makes filtering through all your tasks easy. Once you have a search key you like, it can be saved as a Smart List, which is a unique option that organizes everything according to your specifications.This all comes courtesy of one extremely portable app, one that can be made with different themes and synced on every single device you use. Wherever you go, your to-do list can follow.
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